School and Other Cruelties

I’ve been watching Roger K. Driscoll’s, Echo McCool at Goodreads for a very specific reason. The cover caught my attention when I found it on’s Best Books of 2011. Since then I kept my eye on it, because it rose so quickly up the charts. He is now #8 in Goodreads Best books of 2011 and has all 5-star ratings and there are 98 of them. Did you hear that? Roger has ninety-eight (98)  5-star ratings and not one single 4, 3, 2 or 1. Other readers questioned this, but then after reading it they admitted that it certainly was a great book.
Those ratings grabbed my interest and so I am posting Echo McCool: Outlaw Through Time as The Kindle Book Review’s second book that we recommend. This book was written for the 12-15 year old in mind and is a time traveling, adventure story that not only seems to grip the imaginations of young teens, it has also “WOW’ed” adult readers as well. What’s best…and honestly, quite amazing is that this book, with higher ratings than most bestsellers is only 99¢…for now. Better hurry and get yours before the price goes up.

Echo’s Amazon rating is low because this book has obviously been overlooked or under marketed, but with ratings like that, Roger deserves some recognition. You can give him the recognition he deserves by purchasing and reviewing Echo McCool in the Kindle store.

After you’ve read Echo McCool, be sure to report back here and tell us if it lived up to the hype. And Roger, who btw, is on facebook and Goodreads, you are welcome to guest blog here anytime and tell us how you captivated 104 readers (Amazon included). Best of Luck Roger.
Now go get out Echo McCool by Roger K. Driscoll!
You can check out the Goodreads ratings and reviews HERE

Jeff Bennington

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